The Citrix IoT Lab is constantly taking feedback from our customers, partners and prospective customers to learn more about how the intersection of the Internet of Things and current business processes can make an impact to the overall business.

These ideas fuel our experiments and lead to new products and solutions. If you are interested in engaging with us, please take a look at the current projects we are working on.

IoT Research

cropped-Future.jpgThe Citrix IoT Lab is conducting ongoing research with Citrix customers or partners regarding the potential for the Internet of Things improving business processes and helping to address current business challenges. If you would like to talk with a Citrix researcher regarding the potential of the IoT within your organization, please select the learn more option below.

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Project Minerva

minerva3Project Minerva intends to provide an Internet of Things (IoT) enabled classroom that automates the physical and virtual aspects of the class. This could simplify many classroom functions, including making it easy to quickly set up online streaming and recordings of lectures and class content for synchronous and asynchronous consumption by students.

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OctobluThe Citrix IoT Lab is using the Octoblu IoT Platform as a key ingredient in its IoT experimentation. Octoblu (Now Part Of Citrix) Is A Full-Stack Internet Of Things Messaging And Automation Platform That Enables Companies To Create IoT Services With Secure Real-Time Exchange Of Data.

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